Campaigning Was Worth Effort

 Posted Nov 17, 2016 at 2:52 PM

Dear editor,

It was a great honor and privilege to have my name placed on the ballot. I introduced myself, Stacey Gallagher Tully, candidate for Massachusetts State Representative 9th Middlesex District, thousands of times but it never got old. In fact, it was energizing and refreshing.

Meeting so many great people and families — the hearts of our communities — along the campaign trail, was extremely rewarding. I was humbled each and every day by the outpouring of support from so many different corners of the 9th district. Engaging conversations with so many people at their doors, at community events, in local grocery stores — sharing personal stories and ideas and concerns — was the highlight of this campaign.

To my volunteers, an outstanding team of hard workers, you offered and gave of your time, talent and treasure to support this campaign. I want to publicly thank you. You are my heroes and I continue to be inspired by your passion and commitment to better government through conservative principles.

Onward and upward, Lincoln and Waltham for today is a bright new day. This is not the end, it is just the beginning of my public service in the capacity of a candidate “If your dreams don’t scare you — they’re not big enough.”


Stacey Gallagher Tully

Lincoln Road, Waltham


Thank you friends, family, volunteers, supporters and the people in our communities of Lincoln and Waltham. This campaign has been an incredible journey and an amazing educational experience. Team work - there is no I here.  People helping people and pushing to work hard and keep it POSITIVE.

Congratulations to my opponent.
Thank you to all - and
" If your dreams don't scare you- they're not big enough!"


With Gratitude, Stacey Gallagher Tully 


All about Health and Wellness on Nov. 5th 2016

Standing with James Morton the President and CEO of Greater Boston YMCA.   We all ran the YMCA 5k today.  All proceeds of the road race support Waltham YMCA Chronic Disease Prevention programs, including LIVESTRONG and YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.  

Proud of Elect Stacey Team Member Calista Diehl winning the first female to finish award, and Elect Stacey Team Member  Janice Neavitt finishing first in her age group!


VOTE: Stacey Gallagher Tully State Representative, 9th Middlesex District

Over the past few months, I have had the honor of going door-to-door in our neighborhoods, participating in community events, and asking friends, neighbors and concerned citizens for their vote for State Representative. I have been energized by the positive feedback that I have received and votes of confidence from these same folks as I ask for their vote. We all share the concern of making sure our kids and grandkids get to experience the same vibrant Waltham and Lincoln communities that we grew up in. Unfortunately, we do not have the same confidence in this dream as our parents did for us, which is why I am running for State Representative.   

As I go around the district, not every door I knock on or event I attend is a treat.   People are worried and people say our community needs fresh new leadership on Beacon Hill to make sure that our voices are heard in an effective way. 

In the 10th District, our community has been very fortunate to have strong representation in the current State Rep. John Lawn and the former Rep. now Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian.  The 9th District deserves this same type of dynamic leadership to represent their interests. My opponent has served in the House for 14 years.  Not until his 7th term in office was he selected as a vice chair of a committee.   18 House members who were elected with or after my opponent have been elected to leadership positions in the House while my opponent has been consistently passed over by his fellow House members for a leadership position.  He claims to be an effective leader for the 9th District, but the fact is he is simply not in the mix of decision making at the State House and reelecting him is not going to change that dynamic.

My opponent claims to have delivered significant funding through local aid, transportation and school building assistance funding. All of these programs are funded through set allocation formulas that are based on the demographics of the 351 cities and towns. He does not have the individual capability to change those formulas to ensure that Waltham would get more than they deserve. The Massachusetts School Building Authority funds the construction of new schools and the decision to fund a school project is based on needs of the community and is not subject to any political pressure by rank and file legislators. The Chapter 90 local road building funds are also allocated on a set formula, which he cannot amend to advantage the city.  His only ability to achieve additional funds for the city is through amendments to the state budget and various bond bills. This ability is available to any aggressive and proactive legislator who advocates for the needs of the people.  Anyone who knows me understands that I go that extra mile.  

Bottom line is that my opponent tries to portray me, as someone not qualified for the State Representative because I did not have these responsibilities for the past 14 years and this is not true.  I will be a fighter for you and our 9th District. I will be the same collaborative advocate for you at the state level that I have been at the local level all my life. I will be your voice on the issues that matter most to you, the constituents of the 9th District.  

As Halloween and Election Day approaches, don’t fall for the tricks of career politicians, vote for a new voice, vote for a new direction, and vote for Stacey Gallagher Tully for State Representative. Thank you for your consideration.

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